Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes To Avoid

Are you noticing stains or yellowing on your teeth?  If so, you are probably looking into various teeth whitening solutions.  Before you choose, remember that your teeth are permanent fixtures that require proper care.  Taking the wrong approach to teeth whitening can lead to a number of problems.  Dr. Silverina Chua of Silver Smile Dental continually encourages all who are seeking methods to whiten their teeth to avoid methods that can cause long-lasting damage.  Below are few tips from Dr. Chua.

Teeth Whitening Tips

  • Visit Your Dentist.  Since your oral health is unique, you may want to skip cookie-cutter products that are found in a store at first.  A dental professional can properly access and assess your teeth, gums, and mouth tissues to verify if an over-the-counter teeth whitener is safe to use.  We can also provide in-office teeth whitening procedures and products that are more effective than retail solutions.
  • Prevention First.  No matter how well your teeth whitening solution works, it will not be as effective or last as long as it could if you practice bad oral habits.  For instance, smoking cigarettes, eating foods that have strong dyes, or drinking beverages that stain teeth easily should be minimized.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully.  The active ingredients in whitening products can interact harshly with your teeth and mouth tissues.  Hence, if you’re prescribed a product, be diligent about following the dentist’s instructions
  • Avoid Over Whitening.  There are negative consequences to trying to whitening your teeth too much.  Some of them include permanently damaging the enamel of teeth and making your teeth extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. 

Dr. Chua assists patients of all oral health spectrums.  Do you have questions or concerns about your teeth?  Call us at (909) 393-1600 to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form online.

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