Dental Technology

The advancements in dental technology are simply amazing.  At Silver Smile Dental, we are extremely proud of our dental facility which is fitted with life-changing dental tech.  The combination of our training, experience and advanced tools enables us to provide a dental experience that is unmatched in Chino, California.  Dr. Chua and staff make full use of modern technologies that are highly effective, improve patient safety, and raise the bar of dental health.  Below are a few of the dental technologies that we utilize.


Silver Smile Digital X-Ray

Digital Dental XraysDigital x-rays are faster, safer, and more precise that conventional ones.  They are especially useful is locating problem areas that often go unnoticed such as small spots of decay resting between teeth or under dental restorations.  They also successfully identify infections, abnormalities, tumors, and cysts.


Silver Smile Intra Oral Cameras

Intraoral CameraAn intra-oral camera is now an essential tool of modern dentistry.  With it, we gain a clearer picture while in the process of a treatment.  This tool can enlarge the internal parts of a single tooth more than 40 times its actual size. Additionally, the patient can see what is going on as the treatment proceeds if they wish.