Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Silverina Chua has nearly two decades of experience with porcelain veneers.  Over the years, Silver Smile Dental has a long record of happy patient stories throughout Chino, Pomona, Ontario, Upland, Covina and surrounding communities.  The ability to correct a variety of smile flaws is within your grasp with dental veneers.

Understanding How Veneers Works

Under the wrong circumstances, the surface of teeth can become damaged, unaligned, or heavily stained.  Dental veneers covers these imperfections.  Each dental veneer is designed using a thin shell that is bonded to the surface of a tooth.  In most instances, porcelain is chosen as the material for the veneer because porcelain closely mimics natural tooth—both in appearance and strength.

Types of Dental Veneers

Silver Smile Dental is able to meet the dental needs, budgets, and desired appearance of patients by offering several veneer options.  Although porcelain is the most requested, Dr. Chua has the expertise to work with numerous veneers types.  If you have questions about various veneer types, feel free to ask.  Our team will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of veneer.

Expectations of a Veneer Procedure

Veneer procedures are designed to be a permanent solution to addressing smile imperfections.  Hence, Dr. Silverina Chua will perform a full dental examination before proceeding with the procedure.  She will also discuss all of the options that you have at your disposal and answer any concerns that you have.  Veneer procedures generally involve the following steps:

  • Comprehensive Planning.  During this phase, you will be able to choose the type of veneers that you desire.  Our team will then match the shade of the veneers to your smile.  Many of the photos and digital x-rays that you take during your exam will be used for this planning.  We will also create a composite image of what your smile should look like after the procedure.
  • Veneer Preparation.  Each tooth that is having a veneer placement will need to be prepared for the treatment.  In doing so an extremely thin layer of the enamel is removed from the tooth (this is why veneers are designed to be a permanent solution).
  • Temporary Veneers.  Silver Smile Dental uses a professional lab to craft permanent veneers to acquire the best look possible.  Since we utilize lab crafted veneers, this affords us the opportunity to place provisional (or temp) veneers on your teeth.  During this testing period, you can see how the veneers feel and react to your lifestyle.  If any changes need to be addressed, we’ll be able to make them before the permanents are placed.
  • Final Placement.  After the lab formulates your veneers based on the molds, x-rays, and images we make of your teeth, we’ll schedule a date to bond them to your teeth.

Once your veneer procedure is complete, Dr. Chua will give you detailed instruction on how to care for, maintain, and protect your veneers.