CEREC Restorations

We love dental technology, especially when it decreases patient wait times and increases our efficiency.  Understandably we are ecstatic about offering CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramics) to all of our patients.  We now have the capability to complete crowns and related restorative dental procedures in an hour!  If you have a tight schedule and need a dental restoration that requires a porcelain fitting, our CEREC procedure is exactly what you need.

Silver Smile Dental CEREC Process

All of our CEREC procedures begin with gathering images of your teeth, and in particular, a complete 3D image of the tooth we’ll be working on.  Our team will then design the size and shape of the restoration with the aid of CEREC software.  This CAD/CAM software allows us to compare other teeth, the size of your palate, and your bite so that the restoration piece fits comfortably.

After these steps, we examine the model and begin a refinement process.  We take this extra precaution to ensure that the CEREC model is safe and will withstand the rigors of the oral environment.  The detailed work helps to improve the utility of the piece. Once the model is approved, we’ll mill it with CEREC and apply the restoration to your tooth.    

Comparing CEREC and Traditional Lab Work

CEREC is a wonderful addition to our practice.  It is fast, efficient, and very effective in producing durable ceramic restorations.  However, CEREC does have one major limitation.  It is not as effective at producing a polished replacement for front teeth than labs can.  Currently, CEREC does have the capability to shade a color a ceramic piece in ways that a lab can.  Since teeth can have a blend of color, the front teeth pieces designed in CEREC may stand out in some occasions.  Therefore, if a restoration involves one of your front teeth, we may recommend lab work that can match the color of your smile better.

Dr. Silverina Chua’s Touch

Although CEREC is amazing, it will always need to the touch of a trained human dentist.  Consequently, Dr. Chua makes final touches to all CEREC restorations performed in-house.  She double checks each procedure in an effort to maintain the highest oral health standards.   

Are you interested in seeing if CEREC is a good option for you?  Contact us at the number below.

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