Best Family Dentist In Chino, CA!

Without question, finding a great dentist in Chino for yourself and your family can be an ordeal. But how can you tell the best from the rest? Good dentistry is a combination of expertise, service, and technology. Each quality contributes to a stress-free dental visit. Here’s why Silver Smile Dental is your best option if you live in Chino or surrounding communities.

Silver Smile Dental Expert Team

One good dentist does not make a practice great. It takes an entire team to create a great dental practice. Our team was carefully selected to have overlapping understandings of each other’s field. This strategy fosters a practice that ensures that every patient is always in great hands.

Whether you are calling to make an appointment, undergoing a procedure, or making a follow-up visit, you’ll always have full access to the information you desire. Each team member at Silver Smile Dental is an expert at their craft.

Furthermore, all of us are determined to continue improving and expanding our dental knowledge. You can rest easy, knowing that our team understands exactly how to approach your dental needs in a comfortable and effective way.

Top Tier Service

You’ll receive timely, professional, and friendly service every time you visit our office. We make no secret that we are attempting to “wow” you at every corner of your service. So, you can expect a professional consultation where you can ask as many questions as you wish.

We’ll give you clear and direct answers once Dr. Silverina Chua had examined and determined your dental needs. Our team will also do their best to conserve your time. To help us to do so, we usually ask that first-time visitors forward the following information to us before visitation:

  • Dental insurance
  • Recent X-rays taken at another dentist (supplying the name of the dental office will suffice)
  • A completed Silver Smile Dental New Patient Form
  • Listing of medications currently taking and medical conditions

Our Modern Dental Technology

Technology has changed nearly every industry, especially dentistry. We use some of the most innovative dental technologies that have proven to improve patient comfort, recovery, dental results, and durability. Silver Smile Dental goes beyond just having the technology on hand. We are constantly seeking ways to improve procedures and minimize patient discomfort. Consequently, our team receives regular technological training that focuses on patient care and safety. Currently, our dental tech includes 3D imaging/x-rays, Intra Oral Cameras, CT scanners, and more.

Dr. Chua provides several dental services in Chino, Chino Hills, Pomona, Diamond Bar, Eastvale and Ontario.

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