4 Facts Many Do Not Know About Their Oral Health

Dental “facts” are abundant, and most people know the basics:  brush, floss and use mouthwash,  avoid too much sugar in your diet, and visit a dentist at least twice per year.

However, are you aware that there are a lot of other dental facts that you should add to your reservoir of oral health knowledge?  Silver Smile Dental would like you to start your year off with a smile that will last.  Hence, here are a few facts that you may not have known that relate to caring for your oral health.

Water & Your Teeth

Your teeth get thirsty too!  Well in a way.  Water allows your salivary glands to operate normally.  Without the right amount of saliva, your teeth and gums will suffer.  Dehydration accelerates tooth decay, gum disease, and increases bad breath.  Drinking plenty of water directly impacts the health of your mouth.

Brush in Circles

Brushing from side to side is poor form.  If you brush up and down, that is poor form as well.  Circular brushing is the safest and most effective way to clean your teeth.  This is the reason why professional electrical toothbrushes spin in small circles.

Dangers of Tangy Foods & Drinks

Sports drinks, tart candies and the like present a hidden danger to your teeth.  Most of these have citric and phosphoric acid as active ingredients.  While they add a bit of life to the item being consumed, it also softens enamel.  Moderation is key (also drink plenty of water if you do consume tangy foods and drinks).

Sleep Problems & Your Dentist

Are you aware that some causes of insomnia involve dental issues?  For instance, snoring and TMJ can be treated with customized night mouth guards and orthodontic retainers.  Indeed, a visit to your dentist could help you get better sleep.

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