Invisalign as an Adult: Is it the Best Option for You?

Every time you see your smile, you have one thought ring through your head:

Less than perfect.

It hurts to feel like you aren’t the best version of yourself, but the odds are good that there is a solution. Adult braces can be inexpensive, simple, and can give you a great smile.

With modern advances in technology, you may not even need an ounce of metal in your mouth. Invisalign works by straightening out your teeth through the use of clear retainers.

So could Invisalign be a good option for you?

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign adult braces are different from the braces that you might have seen as a kid. It works by use of a clear plastic retainer. You will wear one retainer for a few weeks and that retainer will move your teeth just a little bit into a new, better-looking position.

Once your teeth have moved into their new position, your dentist will trade out your old retainer for your new one and the process will start over again.

Your total time in Invisalign retainers will be comparable to your time in braces.

Invisalign Prices

While in the past Invisalign would have cost more than braces, that isn’t true anymore. Invisalign and braces are comparable in monetary costs.

When other costs are factored in, Invisalign adult braces may very well come out ahead of traditional braces. Since Invisalign isn’t noticeable from a distance (and is hard to see from up close), it’s a lot easier to be confident in your smile.

This confidence applies in close relationships, at work, or in public. What would you pay to be more confident?

Adult Braces and Invisalign Results

Invisalign works just as well as traditional braces and in some cases, better. A recent study showed that patients who used Invisalign had better satisfaction than patients who used traditional braces. The Invisalign-users even had better mouth health.

Invisalign Pros and Cons

As with anything, Invisalign has its ups and its downs.


  • Looks better than traditional braces and is hard to see
  • Works just as well as traditional braces
  • Does not cost more than traditional braces
  • You can eat normally and chew gum with Invisalign without worrying about damaging the retainers


  • It can be easy to lose your retainers if you don’t keep good track of them

The perks of Invisalign are many: they are easy, comfortable, and hard to mess up as you could with braces. These adult braces aren’t as restrictive and let you feel a little bit freer. If you really have to, you can even take them off for limited periods of time like when you’re eating.

Invisalign does require you keeping track of your retainers, so they are best for someone who is pretty responsible. These retainers need to be worn more than 20 hours per day and require a little bit of discipline.

Want to Get Started?

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