5 Amazing Cosmetic Dental Procedures That’ll Enhance Your Smile

One-third of adult Americans don’t like how their smiles look. With how high this number is, there’s a good chance you’re one of these Americans.

The good news is, there are several ways you can get the pearly whites you’ve always wanted. Here are 5 amazing cosmetic dental procedures that’ll enhance your smile.

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly done cosmetic dental procedures. It’s non-invasive and quick, which is why so many people get this done.

In fact, it’s so popular that at-home trays are the market for your convenience. The bleach in these aren’t as strong as dentist’s bleach though, so if you have serious stains, you’re better off visiting your dentist.

2. Veneers

These are small, thin caps that go over your existing teeth. They can hide discoloration, chips, and breaks. If your teeth are misshapen or crooked, those flaws can be hidden too.

Veneers are put onto your teeth with dental cement so you can count on them to stay on for many years. They can be made to match your natural teeth so they don’t stick out.

3. Dental Crowns

If your tooth is badly damaged, you can get a dental crown. Not only can a crown protect it from further harm, but it can also improve its appearance and function.

Crowns are made of porcelain or ceramic, which means they can match your other teeth. Stronger materials such as gold and metal alloys can be used as well, but they’re more conspicuous. For that reason, you should use reserve those materials for the teeth located in the back.

4. Dental Bridges

If you have teeth that are completely missing, a dental bridge can fill in the gaps so when you smile, you still have a full set of teeth. As the name suggests, dental bridges hold individual false teeth together through a piece of metal. Your normal teeth serve as anchors for the false teeth.

5. Dentures

For those who have had the majority of their teeth pulled, dentures are an option, even if you’re young. Modern dentures are made to be very comfortable and undetectable; someone could look straight into your mouth and they wouldn’t know you were wearing dentures.

You can get either partial or full dentures. With full dentures, you may be given immediate dentures to wear after your teeth are pulled.

Once your gums have healed, you can then wear your conventional dentures. This is because while your gums are healing, they can shift, meaning your dentures need to be refitted.

Consider These Cosmetic Dental Procedures

With all of these cosmetic dental procedures to consider, perhaps it’s time you picked up the phone and called your local dental office. By doing so, you can have a discussion on which procedure is best for your personal situation.

Are you interested in any of the above cosmetic dental procedures? Then make an appointment with us now!